How to set up domain pointers

To attract more visitors to the website many entrepreneurs host their e-commerce website(s) under several domain names. The entrepreneurs looking forward to host their business-critical website(s) under single or multiple domain names choose a hosting plan that support domain pointers.

Domain pointers point all the domain names to the root directory. For a single e-commerce website that is required to be hosted under multiple domain names, the domain pointers are pointed to root directory. One can easily host multiple domains under one single website account by adding domain pointers to the root domain name. You need to create sub directories under the primary account, configure them and then redirect them to the sub-directory you have created.

Steps for Setting up Domain Pointers

Step 1: To set up a domain pointer it is essential to have a registered domain name and DNS servers.

Step 2: Next log in to your control panel to initiate the process and manage the domain name server

Step 3: Go to the domain name icon and change the domain name

Step 4: Then Go to the DNS tab

Step 5: The final step is to point domain to IP, meaning you have to change the A record of that particular domain in the DNS server.

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