How to transfer your domain name between hosts

Transferring a domain name from one host to another is done by companies either to move their website to an affiliated registrar, or to sell their domain name to another business.In both the situations, following steps needs to be followed:

Step 1: Contact your registrar/domain host to get a security key or EPP Code. You need to provide this key to your new host. When you request for a domain name transfer, this security code will be asked by the new host. Without this, you will not be able to initiate domain transfer. It is, thus, important that you have a proper access to this key.

Step 2: Check if your domain is not locked by the existing registrar. For security reasons, a locked domain cannot be reassigned or transferred to a new provider. In case your registrar has blocked your domain, you need to check with your host provider. Alternatively, you can follow the following procedure to unlock it:

Visit “Domain Control Panel”Click the link that read as “Edit Domain Locking”To change lock status, head-on to “Unlock Domain” button. OR You can also unlock this from the Advanced DNS page. This can be done by:
Check Domain Control Panel and click the link on managing Advanced DNS settings.Next, click on Unlock Domain key near the Name Servers section.
Step 3: Place an online domain transfer request to your domain registrar. You can consult FAQs or help section on the website to get an online help. Post this; you will receive an authorization code that needs to be given to the new host.
Step 4: The new hosting provider will confirm your domain transfer by sending across an e-mail to your administrative contact mailbox. Without receiving this confirmation, you will not be able to complete the process.

Step 5: The next step is to disable the Private Domain Registration service, which protects your private information from the WHOIS public registry. This is done for receiving an e-mail confirmation request from the new provider.

Step 6: Get authorization code by following below method:

i) Visit Domain Control Panel
ii) Click “View Authorization Code” link
You will receive a domain authorization security code after following the above steps.

Step 7: Contact your new host to provide the security code (generated from Step 6) to initiate the transfer. The new registrar will verify this code and update any changes made by you in Step 4 and Step 5.

Step 8: The new registrar will send an email confirmation for the completion of domain transfer process. Check this status online and cancel your plan with the existing host.

In case you have any problem, you can directly contact your domain registrar.

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