What is the Difference Between Domains vs. Hosting vs. Website?

Any website is made of three chief components. They are domain name which is the identity of the website, the server that hosts the website and the files or data that’s part of the website.

The domain name is the address of your website that visitors use to find your website. Every website has a unique domain name which represents the character or nature of the content of the website. It is the address you provide your intended visitors so that they can visit and view your website easily by simply punching in the right address on the keypad or board.

The website is your online business destination where you can provide all the information your potential customers or visitors need. It has all the content necessary to attract your audience and target your intended market. It is the place where your files can be stored. A website is like a work in progress. You can keep updating the information as and when needed. Even the design and structure can be changed according to changing demands of your business.

Hosting is the process of putting your website on the internet so that others can access them. Website hosting services makes use of servers to host websites on the internet. Servers are sophisticated machines and can be either shared or used exclusively by one user. There are many other types of servers as well.

To sum up, your targeted audience will type your domain name in the browser which then translates into the server IP address provided to you. The server heeds the request to connect to your website or any specific web page of the site. Once the connection is established, the user can access the information they are looking for.

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