How I find my email DNS records?

You will need to manually set up the DNS records in case you are not using Go4hsoting’s nameservers. This is required since the mail related DNS records are not activated automatically for the domain. You may want to check about where your nameservers are pointed. You can do it at in our whoisweb page.

The DNS records pertaining to the emails are automatically generated in the Go4hsoting control panel when a user domain enters the email addresses on the {Panel>Mail>Manage Email} page. The clients can find their Mail DNS records on the [ Panel>Domains>Manage Domains] page. To locate your email DNS records, you must click on the DNS link under the domain to view the records.

DNS records come in two ways. One is the MX record that directs the senders the sender emails to your email address and second is the A record which is applied by the email program that is used by you to send emails or view the incoming emails.

You must then enter the records in to the system where the domain DNS is housed and managed. It will take up to 72 hours for the changes to be updated as the propagation takes time.

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