How To Access My E-Mail?

E-mail is a very important tool of communication. E-mail is presently a speedy and secured form of online communication. E-mail services are free of cost and it is easily accessible by the E-mail account holder from anywhere in this world, using his/her E-mail ID and password. It is the most well accepted, global, personal, commercial or official tool of communication that has replaced letters and other forms of communications.

To have an access to one’s E-mails; one has to create his/her E-mail account first. One has to follow very simple steps to create his/her E-mail account for the first time. First of all, the user has to decide whether his/her E-mail address would be private address or is to be professionally used. Then the user must decide the user’s name and the domain the user is going to use for his/her mails. Lastly, the user must decide for a password, kept only to him/her.

Now, the user must click on sign up button and enter all information such as name etc. Then the user must enter his/her proposed E-mail address with the minimum eight character password. Now, the user has to select the security question and type in the answer. Verification of registration and clicking the ACCEPT button creates the new E-mail address for the user.

How to access my E-mail?

It is altogether a different process to access user’s E-mail account by the user. The user needs to follow certain steps to log in his/her E-mail account. The user needs to go to his/her workspace webmail account and enter his/her E-mail address and password. A click on SIGN IN will do the trick.

The user needs to configure his/her system to access the E-mails. First of all, the user needs to touch E-mail and press the Menu Key from the Application Menu. The E-mail address and password should be entered next. The type of account must be selected and settings must be modified with the help of internet service provider. The user must touch NEXT and follow the instructions to configure his/her system so that the E-mail account may be accessed.

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