How to Find Email IMAP and SMTP Source Servers?

In most cases, it is your IT team who helps you find the information related to finding Email IMAP and SMTP source servers. If they cannot, here are some of the steps that you can use to find Email IMAP and SMTP source servers: 

Outlook for MAC

Go to the MAC’s toolbar and click on Outlook

Choose Preferences and click on Account

Now select the account that you want to connect to HubSpot. 

Looking for fields with names incoming server and outgoing server. The server name will be the one with a longer text box and the text box appearing on the right will be the port. 

Apple Mail (MAC OS) 

Go to your MAC’s toolbar and click on Mail

Select the option of preferences and then Accounts

Select Account information

Look for the field for the incoming mail server. This information is the IMAP server name

Now look for the field of outgoing mail server. Click on the dropdown menu, and select Edit SMTP server list to see the SMTP server name. You will get the name of the SMTP port here. 

Outlook for PC

Open your Outlook and click on File. Then go to Account Settings.

Now go on to the email tab and select the account

Below will reflect the Server Information. Here you will find the names of your incoming mail server (IMAP) and outgoing mail server (SMTP).

Click on more settings and move to advanced to find the ports for both servers. 

Android (native Android email client)

Go to your Android settings and click on the option apps

On the next screen, you will see an email, click on it. 

Go to advanced settings– choose your email address– go to server settings

Now you will see the server setting screen with the details of your server information


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