How to make a Mail account in cPanel?

The process to create or add an E mail account in cPanel is not at all a tough job. One has to follow certain very easy steps to achieve this task.

First of all, one has to log into his/her cPanel account. One has to go to cPanel and then scroll down to its E-Mail section.

Then, in the E-mail section, he/she has to click on the E-Mail accounts icon.

After that, he/she has to go to the next screen and enter the E-Mail address before the sign of @, he/she wishes to create for him/herself. The user can create words such as info or my. name.

The user must first select and finalize the appropriate domain he/she wants to create an E mail account for, in case the user is managing more than one or multiple domains at a time.

The user wishing to create the E mail account in cPanel must decide his/her option to either use a password generator or entering a password created by the user.

After deciding, if the user opts for entering a password of his/her own creation, he/she must enter the password twice to make it active.

The user has to then either change the quota or leave it as it is.

Finally, the user can complete the process of creating an E-mail account in cPanel by clicking on the blue colored CREATE button.

The newly created E-mail account will show in the E-mail account section, after the E-mail account is created successfully.

Once the user E-mail account is listed, he/she will have several options to operate. The user can change his/her password at will, he/she can view the how much space has been used, and he/she can change the assigned quota or delete the E-mail account completely.

In the menu, drop down options will provide options to access web mails, view contact client details, see the calendar and mail client configuration details.

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