How To Move A Joomla Site To Another Hosting Company?

If you want to move your Joomla 2.5 site to a new provider and are not too confident about the procedure allow Go4Hosting to assist you.

Implement the following steps:

Back up your existing Joomla site. Joomla 2.5 website will have files and folders with the core application code, default and other external extensions and secondly Joomla 2,5 database which contains all the records of the Joomla site. You have to backup both of them.

Database backup: Get accessibility to phpMyadmin from your earlier provider. Joomla Table > “Export” > Click select all and choose “Zipped” from the drop down menu. Press “Go”. Save it on your system in a new folder” Joomla DB backup”.

Files backup: Download the free Filezilla program for backing up your files via FTP. Get details of your servers, FTP like Host, user name, password and port numbers. Fill up all the details in the Filezilla program. Click on “Quick connect”. It will connect to your server and will display a few folders. Copy all the files into a new folder on your system and name it “old site”. See message File transfer successful. Close the Filezilla program.

Create a new Joomla database. Follow the procedure as directed on your screen. Login to your Go4Hosting user Id and password > manage your account > Load extend control panel. Click on MySQL icon on the popup window. Create a new User ID and password and enter it in the “create my SQL database”. Go to the phpMyadmin in your new database and click Import.

Joomla files: Login to your account. Load extend control panel > Unlock FTP > 1hour > unlock. Write down FTP host user name and password. Upload all files from ”old host”.

Update domain name servers which takes about 48 hours.

Edit your configuration.php. admin

Save and upload. Joomla transfer is successfully completed.

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