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How You Can Protect Your Joomla Website?

Every website is prone to hacker attacks so you have to be prepared with the best security measures possible. Most of the attacks are not aimed at stealing data or disturbing the functioning of the website services but are done with the intention of using your server as a means to send spamming emails that are unlawful and can lead to your mail servers being blacklisted. Now the question arises how will you know if your Joomla website is safe and what are the steps to be taken if your website has been compromised?  

Consider taking the following steps to secure your Joomla website.

1. Updates & Upgrades:

Always update your Joomla version. Use the latest versions and secure all the components with patches.  You can easily find the latest updates on the websites and can easily download them free of cost as it is open source.

2. Backups:

Backups to your Joomla website is a must. You will be able to run your website even if your website is compromised and hacked. Backups can be using any of the available extensions.

3. User ID and Password:

Authenticate user access with a login ID and password. This will protect the website from hackers and spammers.

4. Security Extension:

Always maintain a Joomla security extension. There are several tools that effectively block threats and malicious content. It safeguards your php files. There are several components like admin tool, Jomdefender, Firewalls, security check pro that can be subscribed at a fee.

5. Disallows bad bots from accessing your website by renaming htaccess.txt files to .htaccess.

6. Restrict access to administration page:

Create a password for protecting your files, folders and directories. Keep an additional password to access the administrator login form. Replace the x.x.x.x in the .htaccess with your IP address.

Deny from all. Allow from x.x.x.x. These steps can enhance your security measures and protect your Joomla website from hackers.


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