How to Convert Your Website Into a Mobile App Using a WordPress Plugin?

In this digital era, smartphones have become a primary medium for accessing the internet. Thus, mobile apps have become critical for businesses and individuals who want to connect with a broader audience and establish a strong online presence. 

Tips for Transforming Your Website into a Mobile App

WordPress is a well-known and well-trusted content management system (CMS). It powers over 40% of websites. It has a big developer community that has built several plugins to enhance its capabilities. AppPresser is a plugin that converts your WordPress website into a mobile app.

  •  Install and Activate the AppPresser Plugin

The first step to transforming your website into a mobile app is to install and activate the AppPresser plugin. To accomplish the same, follow the steps outlined below:


Step 1: Navigate to the WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins page

Step 2: Search for “AppPresser.

Step 3: Click “Install Now


The AppPresser plugin will be installed and activated. 

  • Create an AppPresser Account

After activating the AppPresser plugin, you need to create an AppPresser account by following the steps shared below:


Step 1: Visit the AppPresser website.

Step 2: Sign up by submitting the requested details, including your email address, username, and password.

  • Configure AppPresser settings

Once you have created an AppPresser account, you must configure the plugin settings by following the steps shared below:


Step 1: Navigate to the AppPresser setting page in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: A wide range of options to customize your apps will reflect on your screen. These include icons, splash screens, colours, and fonts. 

Step 3: Make preferred changes. 

  • Build your app

After configuring the AppPresser settings, you can start building your app. Visit the AppPresser Builder page in your WordPress dashboard. A wide range of templates for eCommerce, journalism, social media, and more will reflect on your screen. Choose a template that meets your requirements and customize it according to your preferences. 

Pages, menus, photos, and other content may be added to your app. You may also preview your app on several devices to check how it appears.

  • Publish your app

It’s time to publish your app now that you’ve built it. You can visit the AppPresser Publish page in your WordPress dashboard. It permits you to publish your iOS, Android, and web apps.

Apple Developer and Google Play Developer account is a must for publishing your app on iOS and Android platforms, respectively. You must pay a one-time charge and follow the platform’s guidelines and policies to activate the account. 

You can publish your app as a web app by selecting the web app option on the AppPresser Publish page.  It can be effortlessly accessed via mobile browsers. 

Bottom Line

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile applications have become critical for reaching a larger audience and boosting user engagement. Use the AppPresser plugins and the above steps to turn your WordPress website into a mobile app. 


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