How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

What’s the first thing a recipient notices when receiving an email? The subject line! It determines whether they will open the email or not. Needless to say, it’s the most critical component of your emails. 

Tips for Exceptional Subject Line

Effective subject lines will get your emails noticed and read. Let’s look at some tips for writing an exceptional subject line.

  • Make it Short

People want to scan their inboxes quickly. Often, they check email from smartphones, swiping right through if it doesn’t prompt a sense of urgency. Thus, ensure that your subject line is not cut short. Keep your subject line under 5 to 7 words or 40 characters. 

  • Keep It Focused and Simple 

If you are sending a marketing email, ensure it is focused on one action and communicate it in your subject line. Indicate how the recipient can use it and how you will deliver it. 

  • Create a Sense of Curiosity 

At times, it’s a good idea to maintain a sense of mystery in the subject line of your email. It will pique the recipient’s natural interest and curiosity. To accomplish this goal, you can ask a question, make a bold statement or tease with a piece of information. Ensure the subject line is clear and still aligns with your brand. As recipients will require to open the mail to get more information, it will have a higher open rate. 

  • Steer Clear of Spam Words

Subject lines that are aggressively salesy are likely to be marked as spam. It is recommended to avoid loud punctuations, such as multiple exclamation points, all letters in caps, and overly promotional language, such as “Free” or “Buy now.” It will send your email straight to the spam folder. Instead of focusing on promotion, attempt to offer your expertise and convey information your audience will find helpful.

  • Use Action-Oriented Language

Writing your email’s subject line in action-oriented language will create a sense of urgency and encourage the recipient to take action. They can also be instrumental when requesting a response or follow-up action from the recipient. For instance, “Please Confirm Your Attendance for Friday’s Meeting’ or “Last Chance to Grab the Offer.”

  • Consider Adding a Deadline in the Subject

The deadline tactic will create a sense of urgency that will encourage the recipient to open and read your email. A successful promotional strategy for special offers or events can include a series of emails. Start with setting out an initial announcement informing them about the upcoming event. As the deadline approaches, remind the recipient by a “Last Chance” or “Now or Never” follow-up email.

  • If possible, Personalise 

Remember, no two email subscribers are the same. Thus, the email that you send them should be different too. Today, marketers have access to numerous ways to learn about their subscriber’s preferences and jobs. Thus, if you are sending them a mail on occasion, try to make it catered towards them. It will increase the odds of the recipients opening your email. You can add their name or anything relevant to their interest. 

  • Make Use of Logical Keywords

Many professionals have folders and filters set up to manage their email. They might not focus on the content when they first see it. Adding keywords related to the email content is recommended to make it searchable later. 

  • Test and Track Subject Lines

In the final step, test and track the subject line to check what works best for your targeted audience. A subject line that performs well for one audience may be less persuasive for another. Experiment with strategies such as action-oriented identity, personalization, and adding deadlines. Track the open and response rate for each. It will help you identify effective approaches and optimize the subject accordingly. 

Bottom Line

Remember these tips the next time you write a subject line for your email. It will get your email noticed and read by your recipients. 

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