How to obtain SSL certificate

With the increasing online threats nowadays, it has become highly significant for businesses to integrate a powerful SSL certificate to keep their website out of harm’s reach. Now, the most important thing is to know how exactly to obtain SSL certificate? Through this post, we would like to discuss in detail what you need to do to get SSL certificate for your commercial website.

There are four main steps that you need to follow in order to obtain a SSL server certificate. Have a quick glance at the four key steps involved in the procurement of SSL certificate are:

1) Purchase SSL Certificate(s):

The foremost step is to purchase a SSL certificate. You have access to a wide assortment of SSL certificates that definitely are different from one another depending on the brand and features that you are planning to go ahead with.

2) Generation of a CSR:

From the web server that will be SSL enabled, you need to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and accordingly save the CSR to a text file. For comprehensive CSR generation instructions based on which brand of web server you are making use of, you need to go through the CSR Generation Instructions.

3) Enroll for a SSL server certificate:

You have to get yourself enrolled for an SSL sever certificate and for that you need to get connected to your service provider.

4) Install the SSL server certificate:

Upon receiving your SSL server certificate (either through email or downloaded from your SSL account), your web hosting provider will seamlessly install your certificate on the web server on which you generated the CSR.

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