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Apparently, both the Internet and technology has revolutionized our world right from education to online marketing. In the present digital world, buying and selling is the quintessence of any business but the most important factor underlying the success of a good online business is to choose the right hosting vendor and the right hosting solution. Many digital entrepreneurs are oblivious of the importance of hosting for their business and what solution to choose for their business. This blog delves into the basics of three types of hosting solution such as shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting services.

It is of paramount importance for every organization or individual to opt for a reliable and trustworthy hosting service provider and enjoy uninterrupted services. For small businesses, shared hosting is an ideal provision to start with business but for large enterprises, it is necessary for them to opt either VPS or dedicated servers to handle huge amount of traffic without disturbing the smooth functionality of the website.

Large business firms can choose both dedicated and VPS hosting solution as it gives complete control over their servers. But both of them differ from each other. Unlike dedicated servers, VPS share a single server offering minimum resources with round the clock service and sharing the resources of a single computer, whereas dedicated server gives complete control over the servers.  Memory, hard drive storage capacity, processing power, and network access are all 100% dedicated to a single customer unlike shared and VPS solution that serve dozens of customers.

In addition, dedicated hosting is an expensive, fastest and most powerful choice available. It occupies the upper strata of the web hosting spectrum that stay under complete control of the customer. Both VPS and dedicated hosting solution gives root access to user through which end-user can install any software which counterparts the package of the hosting solution. The service providers ensure guarantee up-time and more reliability compared to shared server hosting plans. Shared hosting is one of the most common and widely used web hosting solution available at lucrative price. Here, several web hosting customers share same server, bandwidth, storage drive, and CPU. As it is less expensive, it is built on a complex framework with inability to customize hosting environment. Dedicated server offers greatest security as compared to VPS and shared hosting.

In short, it is crucial for end-users to get a clear idea of the hosting solution while hosting your website.


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