How Businesses Can Benefit with Managed Web Hosting

Business owners today have several options when it comes to choosing a web hosting platform for their websites. They have the free web hosting if they are not particular about uptime or speed and they have the paid hosting where they have a choice between shared hosting, VPS server, dedicated hosting or go in for the cloud technology.

How would you explain managed web hosting?


In managed web hosting, the web host takes complete responsibility of the operations and running of the servers. Managed web hosting is available for the customers hosting on the dedicated, cloud and VPS servers or have chosen to colocate their server with a web hosting provider. The services come at an additional cost.  This is because the hosts provide additional management and maintenance of the servers that include proactive monitoring, hardware upgrades, software installation and updates, troubleshooting, data backup services, server patches, security, control panel set up and round the clock support.

In spite of being expensive managed web hosting offers several benefits:


  • Allows the business to utilize their IT experts for core business functionalities.
  • Facilities at the web hosting providers are far better.
  • Hiring technical staff for round the clock server monitoring will be expensive and not feasible for all businesses.

Why managed web hosting?


There are several individuals and businesses that avail the managed web hosting services. One reason for it is that they lack in technical skills and look for efficient web hosting solutions but are not keen on investing on technical manpower. The second reason is lack of time. They have the technical experts but need their services for their core business expansion and do not want to burden them with the additional work of server maintenance. Instead of spending their time and resources on hiring additional staff they find it more convenient to buy the managed web hosting services.

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