How do I Connect Using SSH Putty?

PuTTY is used for making SSH connection to a server. It is essentially a free software application that is specifically meant for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, and 95. Before getting started, the user needs SSH login credentials and at the same time familiarity with getting connected to the server with the help of SSH.

– The first thing you need to do is download PuTTY from adownload source. For basic SSH, you can download “putty.exe”. Now, save the downloaded file in the C:\WINDOWS folder. You can create a PuTTY link on desktop. To do the same, you have to first open the folder C:\WINDOWS in the Windows Explorer. Now, select the downloaded putty.exe file, right click on it, and then send the same to your computer desktop. Now, for launching the putty.exe program, you have to double click on the same.

– While doing the last step mentioned, a warning sign may pop up. It will say that verification of the publisher can’t be done. Now, “Run” the downloaded file. However, before doing this you should ensure that the file has been downloaded from a good and reliable source.

– Once the PuTTY is ready for use, Putty SSH Client can be used for accessing server. Now, PuTTY needs to be opened, followed by entering of Host name as well as IP Address in the concerned fields. Pelase remember that 22 is the default port.

– Now, the command line window can be opened by clicking the Open button. You have to type SSH username in the command line window. Now, press enter. Once the username is entered, follow the same process in typing the SSH password. After this, you will get logged into the VPS server with the help of SSH access.

This is the process involved in getting connected with the use of SSH Putty.

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