How do I upgrade my hosting?

What is hosting?

Hosting is the business of serving and maintaining files for web sites. An individual business hosting its own web site is more expensive as compared to hosting service that allows many companies share the cost of Internet connection.

Once website is made that should be published. Web hosting service work by storing the website files. Web hosting service makes the website available to be viewed over internet. Space is provided on its server by a web host. There are many web hosting services available today.

Domain Names

Every web site should have domain name. With help of domain name website can be found on internet. The domain name is usually company’s internet address. Domain name is basically used to find your web site. Domain name should be relevant.

Types of Web Hosting Services

With fast changes in technology different types of web hosting are available. These meet the different needs of websites and customer. Some of these are as follows:

– Paid Hosting

– Internet service Providers (ISPs)

– Domain Hosting

– Free Web Hosting


– Direct Internet Access

How do I upgrade my Hosting?

One might want to upgrade service as per requirement. One can easily upgrade existing service. To upgrade hosting, perform the following steps:

1. Click Web Hosting option on your Web Hosting Server.

2. Click Upgrades or Options next to your domain name.

3. Go to the Customize tab.

4. Select new options that need to be upgraded such as plan, Additional Recurring Bandwidth, Additional Recurring Storage, Server IP, Prepaid Temporary Storage, Prepaid Temporary Bandwidth and others.

5. Click Checkout

It might take some time to activate the changes that have been made. Usually these changes are updated within 24 hours. But this may vary in some cases.

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