How to Build a Modern Data Center?

Modern data center design should focus on catering to escalating demands of modern businesses in terms of storage, security, compute power, and need for accelerated services. Modular design of data center facilities including framework, consoles, storage, and server silos is required to ensure simplicity and flexibility of operations. Modularization also helps to avoid over provisioning of resources and adds an element of scalability to the entire infrastructure.

Use of single appliance for facilitating consolidation and streamlining of storage and compute tiers should be incorporated in modern data center architecture. Greater economy and reduction of dedicated resources can be ensured by converging single resources for multiple operations. A standalone resource that caters to the total resource requirement including servers and storage can reduce expenditure while improving scalability. Modern data centers should adopt software approach by abandoning use of costly hardware. Use of software enables centrally controlled administration capability and empowers data centers to add resources without adding hardware.

Commodity hardware can reduce investment and improve scalability. Virtualization of services can ensure resiliency and reliability of data centers for end users. Centralization of applications and computing models can help administrators handle growing workload demands with greater efficiency. Modern data centers must have capability of establishing hybrid environments for catering to demands of enterprises. Reduction of dedicated teams for managing different technology silos can be achieved by using a single scalable unit that combines various appliances.

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