How to Check Before Migrating to the Cloud

How to Check Before Migrating to the CloudAs more and more businesses are adopting cloud computing technologies for better growth, it is important to know the critical pointers that one should consider before cloud migration. The biggest reason for enterprises to shift to the cloud is to enjoy a high degree of scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and security. Businesses fail to realize that there are quite a few roadblocks in cloud migration which cannot be overlooked at any cost. Things to check before you migrate to the cloud: – One of the most important things to consider is the period of downtime which your business may be forced to face when the migration happens. When you switch to a new environment, it becomes necessary to shut the equipments down. So, there is a period of downtime involved that can even stretch up to a few days. – You must make sure that the existing software has been updated in this new setting. Before the migration, it is important to have support agreement for this. In case the manufacturer is not available and the application is outdated, it may be a challenge to migrate to the cloud. – Before migrating to the cloud, you must also make sure you have a disaster recovery solution at hand. Many people think that everything will automatically run smoothly when you move to the cloud, but this is not entirely true. Even in the cloud, chances of something going wrong are quite high. So, it is prudent to have backup provisions and redundancy systems when you are migrating to the cloud. – Migration is never an easy job even if you own a small business. People feel that handling migration on their own is better as it is cost-effective. But if your teams have not handled this task before and lack expertise and experience in this matter, it can be a rather time-consuming and tedious task. This is why outsourcing the task to a third party makes sense. – Finding out about the total costs involved is obviously a rather important factor to look into before you migrate to the cloud. When you have shared data centers you can get benefits of redundancies in storage networking and processing power. While cloud migration will offer all these benefits, these will come for quite a high cost.

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