How to Create a VPN Server on Your Windows Computer without Installing Any Software

It is possible to create VPN servers on Windows without having to set up software for this. Installing a VPN server is beneficial as it lets you connect to the home network when you are traveling or playing LAN games with other players or ensuring that your connection is secure when you use public Wi-Fi. Although the installation of a VPN server sounds useful, it does have some limitations too. You must have the power to forward the ports from your router. You will also need to expose Windows and one port for PPTP to connect to the Internet directly and this is hazardous in terms of security. The setting-up process is also quite complicated.

To create the VPN server you must open the window “Network Connections” where you have to press “Alt” key to view full menus. You can open “File” menu to get “New Incoming Connection”. Your job is then to choose user accounts which can connect remotely. You may create new user accounts for better security and choose “Add someone” option. Your account must have a very strong password; else, it can get hacked easily. After selecting user account, you can choose “Next” option.

When you navigate to the next page, you will have to choose “Through the Internet” in order to let VPN connection to the Internet. You are then expected to select networking protocols for incoming connections. You may also disable “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” in case you are not keen to have people connect to your VPN. Once everything has been set up, you can select the “Allow Access” option. Windows takes a few seconds to give you access to the user accounts selected by you.

The VPN server is thus installed and active and it can accept incoming connection requests. When you connect to the new VPN across the Internet you have to install port forwarding to enable the router to identify traffic to be sent to the right PC. The computer’s public address is what you will need for connecting to VPN server. Regardless of the Windows version, you may be using, you can simply use “Start” and type in “VPN” and choose the option which shows.

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