How to Create an FTP Account

You will need to create an FTP account to be able to upload files and manage files on your site. You may assign different access levels for different users by assigning them specific directories and for this; you need to have FTP accounts for every user. To create the FTP account, you will need to log in to the control panel offered by your web hosting provider. In this the “hosting” option should be selected and then you must click on “FTP”. You are expected to provide a username for logging in and a password. You must also select the “Directory” that you want them to be able to access. When you type in “/”, you will be giving users complete access to all files. The primary domain path is “/public_html/” and when you need an add-on domain you must use “/public_html/addondomain/”.

The FTP client will need four entries to be able to connect and send files; these are the domain name, username, password and port. This information must be provided at the time of setting up a FTP account. The default user gets created at the moment of signing up and the email is accordingly sent to the signup email address you give. When you want secure FTP client uploads you should ideally use SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol. For this you must enable SSH access on this account. You must remember that only your control panel username or the main FTP username is used for SFTP access.

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