How to Differentiate Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Shared and VPS hosting are two different types of server hosting options that most server hosting services offer. Shared hosting is the obvious choice of companies that are just starting out and want a simple, affordable and user-friendly server hosting solution. VPS hosting is an advanced server hosting option that comes with enhanced features for easy and improved management of websites and applications. Both these services are used as an affordable alternative to the more superior and expensive dedicated server hosting option.

Features of Shared Hosting

When you use shared server hosting, you will have to deal with the presence of many other users on the same server. While the low cost is an obvious advantage, the possibility of security of your data and information is not entirely foolproof. As all the users will have access to resources available on the server, you may face a situation in which you fall short of bandwidth etc. because someone else drew a chunk of it before you could. Also, your operations could be affected by the actions of others on the server. The worst nightmare is that a malicious attack on one website can affect the entire user base of shared server.

What Makes VPS Hosting A Better Option

Virtual Private Server is technologically superior in many ways. It also hosts more than one user on the same physical machine but the system makes use of a different technology to assign resources and keep all users activity separate and independent. The fact that every user is provided their own private server environment makes it easy for them to run and manage operations independently. The specific way of allocating resources makes VPS hosting system remarkably stable unlike shared hosting where those who can draw more resources are allowed first use.

With VPS server, if you need additional memory or bandwidth, you can always get it. The biggest benefit is that security measures are stringent for every user on the VPS server.

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