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How to Distinguish Pros and Cons of Colocation Server?

More and more businesses consider outsourcing their IT infrastructure as it helps them focus on their core business necessities. Colocation server is one preferred option. Let us study what colocation is all about and what are its benefits and limitations.

What is colocation?

Colocation allows a business to manage and service their server infrastructure while they share the infrastructural resources like power, cooling systems, security, server space and bandwidth with multiple tenants.

Benefits of colocation

Control: The server is owned by the client. They have complete control to decide and implement upgrades and modifications in case they find performance lagging.

Security: The server is placed in an isolated environment eliminating the security risks of a shared neighborhood. It is crucial to find a provider that maintains the security compliances.

Expertise: Outsourcing IT services would enable a business to get the services of experienced and capable engineers. The providers have their experts working at the data centers 24/7.

Pliancy: Providers have to honor the service level agreements (SLAs) and offer high facilities at the data center. Colocation ensures outage protection and strong backup services.


CAPEX: Businesses will need to invest on hardware and provide for its wear and tear. They have to purchase software and provide timely updates all of which cost.

Maintenance: Businesses will need technical experts to manage and maintain the server or buy the provider’s services at an additional cost.

Scope for growth: Data centers have to be prepared for additional resources that would be required as business grows.

Location: In-house infrastructure does not require any movement while cloud is accessible over internet. Outsourcing will require frequent travel to and fro data centers adding to expenses.


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