How to Enable configuration of SSH on VPS via WHM

As we all are aware of the fact that the Internet is one of the most popular and quick responsive surveyor but we cannot deny the opinion that it is an extremely vulnerable place where major attack, proxy, and spamming take place without the knowledge of the user. Malware and other types of malicious codes might seep into the server if proper security measures are not taken. In order to ensure smooth and protected access to your VPS server, you must enable Secure Shell (SSH) through WHM. WHM is a powerful program that provides administrative access to the clients so that they can manage their account with ease. It saves time and money and streamlines tedious server management tasks.

SSH sets up a connection between two networked computers for secure data communication, remote shell services or command execution, and other secure network services via a secure channel. SSH must be enabled for smooth access to your VPS. But in case SSH is disabled by mistake, you need to fix it through WHM.

Glean through the following tutorial that will explain how to enable SSH on your VPS server through the WHM.

#1: Log into your WHM account on VPS. Navigate to “Account Function” option as show in the figure

#2: Click on “Modify an Account” option

#3: Enable SSH account as shown in the image

#4: Now, login to the cPanel account, navigate to SSH/Shell Access and Manage SSH Keys. Generate new key pair.

#5: Enter following details including name, key password, key type, and key length. Click on generate key option.

#6: You can see that keys have been generated. Then click on “Manage Authorization” as shown below and download the public and the private keys.

#7: Using these keys you can access your server in Windows and run PuTTY. As shown in the below mentioned figure expand SSH option and click on “Auth”. Now enter the private keys and open it.

#8: Type host name or IP address with default port 22.

#9: Click to open and you will be redirected to username prompt. Enter your username and password.

#10: Finally, you are connected to your VPS server through WHM.

In short, this process helps in fueling business performance and mitigates risk thereby delivering quality security and server protection.

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