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How to Host a Minecraft Server

Minecraft is an independent video game developed by Markus "Notch" Person, which allow users to construct in a 3D generated world. Users can play online or by connecting to a local area network. Minecraft can promptly run on a dedicated server, virtual server or simply on a local gaming system.

Step 1:
Check your Compute Resources -

If you are planning to utilize your personal computer as a server, you need to ascertain that your system has adequate RAM and fast CPU speed to effectively handle the number of users you are going to give access to play.

Step 2:
Fast Uploading/Downloading Speed -

Secondly, you need to ensure that your system has superior Internet speed, so that the users can play uninterruptedly.

    Step 3: Install Latest Java version -

    Minecraft server
     runs on a Java installed system. You can either install 32 bit or 64 bit version of Java on your system.

    Step 4:
    Make a Folder -

    You need to make a folder with specific name, so that you can easy figure out where the server application program is installed and access it.
      Step 5: Visit Minecraft website to Download -

      Download the server application from the website program depending on the operating system you are working on. Save the application in the same folder that you have created before.

      For Windows: You need to download Minecraft_Server.exe
      For Mac OS: You need to download Minecraft_Server.jar
        Step 6: Install the downloaded application -

        Run the downloaded .exe or .jar files and follow the instructions.
          Step 7: Adjust System Settings -

          To customize the settings, you need to access Properties using either Text Edit in Macintosh operating system or Notepad in Windows. Once you are done save the settings you have changed.

          1. To play in survival mode, choose "0"

          2. For creative mode, choose "1"

          Step 8:
          Accessibility to the Minecraft Game -

          You can give a user/player the right to access your server to play the Minecraft game by adding fellow player to the list. However, you need to prevent the entry of other users plaguing the game. This can be ascertained in following ways:

          i.) Change the white list settings to ‘True’
          ii.) Add the details of the users you wish to give access to the Minecraft game
          iii.) Press the enter key as you add each user to the white list

          Step 9:
          Determining Administrator Rights -

          Moderators can add/block users to the game by issuing commands in the chat mode. The administrator also has special privileges to modify the game. Admin rights are assigned by entering the required username in the Admin/Ops list. The player can alternatively enter his/her own user account details to the list besides adding other player’s username to assist him/her in the game.

          Step 10:
          Configure Router Settings -

          In order to make the Minecraft server visible to other players in your adjacent network, you need to set-up the router for forwarding port to the same server. However, the precise instructions may vary as per the model and brand of the router you have deployed.

          Step 11:
          Locate your public Internet Protocol (IP) address -

          Another important step is to provide your own IP address to the public or the players located outside your network and are willing to play Minecraft game with you. Providing your IP address will connect them with your server. A user can find his/her own public IP address by performing a web search using the keyword – 'what is my internet protocol address?'

          Step 10 and Step 11 are important if a user wants to play the game with multiple players located in places other than where the physical server is placed. In case all the users are playing game from the same location, then the last two steps are not required.


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