How to Identify Hosting Provider

It may become necessary to identify your hosting provider when you have forgotten your username or password somehow of if you must make additional purchase of disk space and bandwidth, memory and other resources. You may also need to contact the provider when you have payment problems or bill-related inquiries and when you are unable to troubleshoot technical problems. In such situations, the first step is to go to the site WhoIsHostingThis. This site will let you search for any domain name so that you can view the details regarding the hosting provider for that specific domain. When you reach this URL, you should start your search for the specific domain name by entering it in the Search box provided here. When you click on the Search option, it opens up a new web page displaying necessary details. When you may not be aware of the domain name, you can search records or think of what can be the domain name. When you get the message “Site not registered”, it implies that either the domain is not hosted or you have never registered this domain name. To get your doubts clarified, you can check on WhoIs; this will tell you whether the domain has indeed been registered or not.

Regardless of whether you won a domain or not, you are free to search for the name. You can then scroll down to the section which displays hosting information and keep scrolling down till past advertisements till you can view the whole list. The list that you can view should typically include the name of your hosting provider. When the link does not directly take you to the company site, it is better to use search engines like Google to type in the name of the site and go to the website instead. The WHOIS offers a link to get domain registration information. Site owners will usually use their hosting services companies for registering domains. Alternately, they can even register their domains through another company. The site has a unique IP address which comprises of some numbers and letters and helps to identify a server on any network.

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