How To Install And Configure Mysql Cluster On Centos

onfigure Mysql Cluster

Objective of the MySQL cluster is to enable high availability and reduced latency to databases that are compatible with MySQL. Clusters are appreciated to augment availability and overall performance, unlike systems that involve single computers. By using NDB Cluster Storage, one can achieve shared-nothing architecture to facilitate each node with independent disk and memory. Web hosting of this kind mitigates the chances of one service impacting another.

MySQL cluster instantly achieves failover and node failure recovery and provides support for a wide gamut of APIs such as JPA, Memcached, C++, among others. It is also optimized for concurrent writes.

Installation of MySQL cluster setup on Centos 7 is executed with Auto Installer Python script for enabling a web-based environment. This also necessitates confirming fulfillment of all host requirements as far as initial setup and requisite packages are concerned.

Mysql Cluster

The three essential nodes or components for evaluation are the management node, SQL data node, and SQL service node. In the initial stage, the evaluation can be done with 4 hosts or machines for running components such as SQL service, SQL data, and management nodes. In order to ensure high availability installation of a single node or component for a single host or machine is essential.

By using the community URL you can download the centos cluster package to support any OS version or a specific platform. Once you have made host entries with relevant IP addresses, you need to open host file for updating the hostname entry.

Before proceeding with installation, you need to run:

# yum -y install python python-paramiko python-crypto screen perl numactl-devel libaio

Now you are ready to download MySQL cluster setup after removing any past MySQL installations if any. Extracting download bundle should be done after you have downloaded MySQL cluster individually on every host.

Installation of rpm package can be done after you have extracted download bundle. Web-based installation requires you to know IP of management host. After choosing the management host you can run a python auto-installer with relevant commands.

After you have executed installation check during the creation of a test or sample database the database will reflect in different SQL hosts within the NDB cluster. Now you can administered  mysql cluster hosting for a high load web service.

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