How to install phpBB on Web Server

Among all bulletin board applications, phpBB is the most extensively sought after solution. It is possible to manually install phpBB by following the instructions as mentioned ahead. Needless to mention, these steps are not recommended if phpBB has been already installed by automated process. You need to find the most recent release by accessing official phpBB website and upload the installation package by accessing an FTP client or through cPanel’s File Manager.

Before you install phpBB on your server, make sure that you have all the relevant information such as the Database Type, DSN or server hostname, name of database on the server, and login information for accessing the database. You are supposed to enter the full path as far as your database file is concerned. The data base file must not be stored at a location that is possible to be accessed from the internet.

It should be noted that phpBB offers support to the databases including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server 2000 and above, and SQLite to name a few. While initiating actual installation, you will be required to have knowledge about database settings including database type, database server’s address, database’s name on the server, and user credentials including username and password.

In the subsequent step you will establish compatibility of installation. Once this is ensured you can press ‘Start Install’ button. While configuring database you will be defining database server port, hostname of database of DNS, and username and password for database. Please note that the prefix for tables in database needs to fixed as ‘phpBB_’. By successfully entering relevant details, you will be presented with a notification to that effect. You should enter proceed to next step button.

In the newly installed board, you can enter required administrative details including administrative username and password, default language, and email for contact. Once you click the ‘proceed to next step’ button after verifying details, you will enter advanced settings area. This will provide automatically generated details that must not be tampered with. You will be able to successfully populate database you will be directed to proceed and finish phpBB installation.

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