How to Migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS

You may have started your website on a shared hosting but after a certain stage, it will require more flexibility and services. You must consider VPS as your next step, as it is almost same in cost like shared hosting but comes with more responsibilities, features and services.

When should you upgrade from shared hosting to the VPS?

1. Your page upload has become very slow

2. You are getting error reports too often

3. You wish to install software which is necessary for your business but your shared hosting does not allow and

4. Your business necessitates more privacy, security, and support than what you get currently.

You must immediately upgrade to the VPS if you experience two or more of the above.

If you are a Go4hosting shared hosting customer, all you should do is request a transfer. It is important that you choose your hosting plan after careful deliberations. If your aim is to grow big with wide exposure you must select a host that allows flexibility and scope for growth. Go4hosting offers very flexible and affordable plans in all forms of hosting.

Step 1:

You save a lot of resources and time if you opt to transfer your domain to a domain registrar. This makes it easier when you are migrating from one host to another.

You must then export all your database and download the site applications. Run a backup using your control panel (cPanel or Plesk). Log in to the File menu and click “Site Manager” then “New Site”. Fill in the details lite site name, domain name, select protocol, User ID and Password. Click on connect.

Step 2:

Move files and database to new VPS. Click on “new database” and then import.

Step 3:

Point IP address to new server. You can request your domain name registrar over email. Your new VPS is ready.

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