How To Move Users And Domains To My Private Server?

Most users do not choose the option to move their website and users to VPS when they place their order. If you too haven’t, you can do so later by following a few steps.

Most important is to check and create space for storing the new information when you migrate to your new VPS. Generally, a new VPS comes with storage of anything between 30GB to 240GB. You can check about the capacity by navigating to (Panel > ‘Billing & Account’ > ‘Disk Usage’) page.

How to migrate your sites and users:

Go to the (Panel > ‘VPS’ > ‘Dashboard’) page.

Since prior to moving to the VPS, you must have been on a shared server, you must move all user accounts and domains from the shared to the VPS. You will find so. A link “Click Here” to move the users and domains from the shared hosting to a private server.

Choose the required VPS from the dropdown menu and click on “Move all shared users and domains” button. This will move all the users and domains from shared to a private server.

In case you wish to move a few specific domains from shared to VPS, it can be done by switching the user under which the domain is currently running and the control panel will automatically move the data.

Go to Panel> Domains> Manage domains page. Click on Edit on the right of the domain which you can find under “web hosting” column. Next go to the “Users, files, Paths” section.

On the right, you can find “Run this domain under the user”. Select “create a new user”. Enter a user name in the server and click on save changes. It may take about 15 minutes for you to use the new account. However, the migration of data may take time based on the volume of data.

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