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How to Order Additional IP Addresses

IP stands for Internet Protocol and the IP address is therefore the congregation of numbers which allows digital devices to connect to each other through the Internet. The IP or Internet Protocol refers to a set of rules. These govern web activities and ensure the completion of different kinds of actions on the Internet. So, the IP address will be a part of this well-planned grid which monitors online communication. It will identify both the source devices and destinations and makes a two-way interaction possible. You can order for additional IP address when you have valid reasons for doing so. But, because the numbers of available dedicated IP addresses are quite scarce, they are typically granted when they are absolutely necessary.

To get additional IP addresses besides the one which you can get by default, you can log onto the registered control panel. For instance, if you have bought VPS hosting plans from the host, you may then click on "Manage" option in its VPS section. You will be provided with a list of packages available and you are expected to select the "Manage" button that is next to the one you find most suitable. You can then click on "IP" tab and this is followed by clicking on the "But More IP Addresses" link. Here, you can place order for the number of extra IP addresses you require. There is an option to click on “Add to Basket” in order to complete your order after you have successfully conducted the payments.


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