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How to pick a good web hosting service

Web hosting industry is attaining new heights due to the rise in number of business set-ups. Be it small, medium or an IT behemoth, all are going online to promote/sell/buy their product and services. To have a strong and enduring online business presence, it is inevitably important to grab an appropriate web hosting solution. Shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting are the majorly opted hosting solutions. All these hosting services are different to each other in terms of performance, load-bearing, and pricing.

Therefore, it is imperative to know the difference between the four, so that you can avail best web hosting service for your businesses:

Shared Hosting: Among all web hosting types, shared hosting is one of the basic and cost-effective options. Here, multiple websites are hosted on one physical server.

Benefits of Shared Hosting:

- Start-up companies
- Less traffic attracting websites
- Where limited email set-ups are required
- Small websites

Limitations of Shared Hosting:

- Not apt for high traffic receiving websites
- Security concerns
- Performance fluctuation
- Possibilities of spamming/phishing attacks
- Limited technical support
- Limited Space/Bandwidth

    VPS Hosting:

    VPS Hosting is an upgraded version of shared hosting, which carries the flexibility and performance of dedicated servers and affordability of shared servers. Here, one physical server is separated into different layers in such a way that all VPS clients get dedicated space and resources for their business-critical applications.

    Benefits of VPS Hosting:

    - Apt for the websites receiving low-moderate web traffic
    - Offer full root access to the server
    - Performance-driven and secured
    - Dedicated technical support
    - Easy to upgrade or downgrade
    - Enables firewall configurations
      Limitations of VPS Hosting:

      - Limitation of CPU and RAM usage

      Dedicated Server Hosting:

      Dedicated servers along with its resources are completely dedicated to cater to the needs of single business.

      Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:

      - Full root access to the server
      - Dedicated resources for all your applications
      - Zero sharing of resources
      - Less fluctuation is bills and budgets
      - Performance-driven and highly secured
        Limitations of Dedicated Hosting:

        - Expensive than all the web hosting options
        - Management of server remains your responsibility
          Cloud Hosting:

          Cloud hosting is one of the latest web hosting solutions which allow a website to process with the power of clustered servers.

          Benefits of Cloud Hosting:

          - Highly scalable and flexible
          - No downtime
          - Pay-as-you go model
          - On-demand resource provisioning
            Limitations of Cloud Hosting:

            - The user is unaware where his/her data is stored (no central location)


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