How to repair a database?

A database is set of information that is well organized so that it can be accessed, managed, and updated easily. Data in a database is organized in form of rows, columns, and tables. It is further indexed to make it easier to find the relevant data when needed.

MS SQL Server database is most popular relational management systems, and is used by organizations and professionals. Despite the usefulness of this system, the database is sometimes prone to corruption. And this corruption results in inaccessibility of the data. A corrupted database is database in which some records may be lost and as result you are not able to perform the desired functions.

Causes of Database Failures

Databases can be corrupt or damaged due to various reasons. Some of these are:

• System crash

• Database is corrupted due to interrupted write operation

• Intentional corruption of data

• Statement Failure

• Application Software errors

• Faulty Network Hardware

• Media failure

• Power Outages

• Use of third party software to access the database

Mostly more than 95% of the corruption happens due to the hardware failure. Anyone working with databases can face problems of database corruption. This can result in downtime if it is not handled properly and at the same time repair is done to restore the data.

Repairing a Database in cPanel

Whenever a database crashes or becomes unresponsive, the same needs to be repaired. Let us see how to repair a MySQL database from within cPanel. To repair the database first log into cPanel and then perform the following steps:

1. Click on MySQL Databases, under the Databases section of cPanel.

2. Select the database from Repair a Database drop down, under the Modify Databases section.

3. Click on the Repair the Database button.

After the process is over, the database should be repaired.

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