How to set up a safe and secure web server

Follow the below mentioned simple steps to set up a web server:

– Arrange for a computer, as the installation of a web server requires a dedicated computer that needs to be connected to the Internet. One can utilize either a LAN or a WAN network for connectivity.

– Locate an operating system software that can support a web server such as Windows NT, Windows 95, UNIX, and LINUX etc.

– Ensure an adequate networking software, so that the computer can be directly connected to the Internet with an adequate Ethernet software.

– Choose appropriate web server software for the required platform. There are numerous web server softwares available in the market for both UNIX and DOS machines. Thus, either purchase or download the software and install it on the computer as per the instructions provided in the manual.

– The next step is to successfully configure the web server, depending upon the type of the web server installed. Once the web server is set up, apply basic settings such as default directory etc. to make necessary configurations.

– It is important to properly manage your web server, as it will be accessed by numerous people. Thus, it becomes pertinent to monitor the log file in order to ascertain the type of files that people are reading, identify the peak access times and perform the necessary upgrading of the computer. One can make additions to the RAM and disk space to enhance application performance.

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