How to turn on IPv6 on other operating systems?

Ubuntu operating systems are presently configured for IPv6; however the same is not applicable in most of the other operating systems including Ubuntu with Debian installer. Similar issue is encountered in case of manual installation of operating system on a node or overwriting of operating systems network configuration.

You can configure the operating system to use IPV6, since the address continues to be allocated to node. The base installation of all operating systems is designd to support IPv6.


Most of the configurations have IPv6 active by default. In order to enable privacy addresses use of systl: is recommended.

Manual tunneling- Linux

You need to know IPv4 addresses of host and router as well as IPv6 address of the host. This should follow creation of interface and setting up IPv4 addresses followed by setting up of IPv6 addresses of host then setting the default IPv6 route on the tunnel. Automatic tunneling of 6 to 4 is supported by Linux. This can be achieved by using tun6to4.

Apple Mac OS X

The IPv6 functionality in Apple Mac OS X is implemented by default. You can activate it by using manual method by executing command- # IP6 for enabling IPv6 on all interfaces.

Tunnel configuration- Apple OS X

By knowing IPv4 addresses of host and router along with IPv6 addresses of tunnel host and tunnel router you can setup IPv4 endpoints of the tunnel and IPv6 default route on the tunnel. The OS supports 6 to 4 tunneling by adding required 6 to 4 interface in network control panel of GUI.

Windows XP

The default installation of Windows XP is not supporting IPv6. It should be activated manually by executing following command-

c:\ netsh interface ipv6 install

Privacy extensions can be disabled by the command

c:\ netsh interface ipv6 set privacy disabled

Configured tunnels are supported by Windows XP. Creation of tunnel interface and adding the IPv6 address should be followed by putting default IPv6 route to internet router.

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