How to upload a website to a web host

Once the website is designed, it needs to be uploaded on internet to make it visible for viewers.

Step1 :

Find a website hosting company that gives you server space. Choose the apt connection according to your business need. Non-flash enhanced website requires only upto 100 megabytes. Website including high animation features needs more space. Find out if they offer 24 X 7 technical support. It is not a compulsion to finish your website creation process before uploading it on server. You can add web pages as and when your website grows.


Downloading an FTP application is necessary for uploading information on server. Confirm with your web host whether they support FTP.

Step3 :

While installing the FTP application, information such as FTP name will be required. You need to contact your web hosting provider regarding the same. Through this you can easily connect to your web server.

Step4 :

You can now proceed with opening the FTP client on your machine. Few FTP programs display two windows cloud called FTP transfer and others use an upload feature known as the FTP upload.

In case of FTP transfer, you need to drag and drop the files to a folder on the web server. There are two windows – one containing files on your computer and the other one containing files on the web server. You just have to select the files from one window and drop them to a similar folder in the corresponding window of web server files.

In case of FTP upload programs, there are two panes– left one being the pane containing files on your system and right one being the pane containing files on web server. You just have to click on the targeted file in the left pane and then click on the upload button.

After the transfer, cross check whether the upload took place accurately. If not, repeat the file transfer process..

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