How to Upload Files to a Web Server

When you have successfully created web pages you will need to upload these online on a web server. One can do this using an FTP client but there are many to choose from. A popular FTP client is Filezilla which is free of cost and can be used for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. You must download the Filezilla from their download page. On opening this application you will be able to see the login page. You can use your account name and in order to post here, you will need to connect through FTP using your credentials.

When you must connect FTP client to a distant server you will have to choose the “Site Manager” option from the “File” menu. In this window, you must click on the “New Site” option and then fill in your preferred name. In “Host” field, you must type in the FTP server which your host provides. You should choose “Normal” option in the Login Type menu. After this, you will be expected to provide the username and password. On clicking on “Connect” you can connect to FTP server.

Once you are connected, you can view the local files and you must then navigate to a directory in which you wish to store the site. You can also view remote files on this page. The bottom and the top panes will display many messages revealing connection status between FTP server and desktop. In order to post on the Internet, you must place the files into a public directory; you have to do to the particular directory visible on the right pane. If you can identify the right directory for the files to be stored you simply drag-and-drop these files from one pane to the other.

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