IP Configuration Error in CentOS-6- x -VM-in- esxi – 6

CentOS, from Community Enterprise Operating System is a Linux distribution operating system. It provides free, enterprise level, computing platform that is community supported. It is compatible functionally with its source that is upstream, the Red Hat enterprise Linux. CentOS announced its official collaboration with Red Hat in the year 2014. But it is still staying independent from RHEL.

VM ware is a software that provides applications for cloud computing and virtualization. These are for both desktop applications and server applications. The name VM is abbreviation of Virtual Machines. VM ware works equally well with Windows, Linux, Solaris or Netware.

VM in esxi is a hypervisor developed by VMware. This VM in esxi is a type-1, enterprise level hypervisor. It helps in deploying and serving virtual computers. ESXI is a type -1 hypervisor that cannot be installed in an operating system like a software application. VM in ESXI integrates with and includes vital operating system components. It integrates well with Kernel.

Errors in CentOS on VM ESXI

The biggest error in configuration of an IP in CentOS on VM ESXI is that the client is not able to connect to the internet on VM through CentOS. Naturally, there is no IP address on VM ware running CentOS.

A VM ware has three networking options for running virtual machines. They are NAT, Bridged and Host Only. LAN segment gives all details about all these three settings.

NAT is the most preferred network for VM ware because the virtual machines can have internet access with NAT. This enables the client to install the additional software he/she needs. VMware Player uses DHCP to assign IP dynamically when the network is provided by NAT.

A static IP address can be set for a VM that is running on a VM player by editing a configuration file on a Debian Linux machine, such as Ubuntu.

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