Step to setup an SSH channel on Virtual Private Server

SSH is a network protocol that provides a secure access to remote computers. This application allows remote login and other network services to operate securely over unsecured network. So, if you have a Virtual Private Servers (VPS) located miles away from you in a remote location then installing a SSH channel can help you securely access your server.

SSH also known as Secure Socket Shell, is one of the most used protocol by network administrators to manage website, database and servers. With SSH, you can securely log in to VPS, execute commands, configure the system, upload files, and probe into all critical issues occurring in your server/PC.

This tutorial will guide end-users on how to use SSH into a VPS

*If you haven’t download SSH yet. Then the primary step is to download SSH, FTP program PuTTY and install it.

Step1: Open PuTTY configuration

After opening the program, the following will appear. Type Hostname or IP address with your servers IP address in the highlighted box. The default port is 22. Then, click on open option.

Step2: Enter your username

A new window will appear asking user name of SSH at the “login as” prompt.

Step3: Enter password

After entering again a new command line window will appear asking for SSH root password

Step4: Logged into SSH

After entering the password, a domain box will appear illustrating that you have successfully logged into your VPS server using SSH. You can now run any SSH commands you wish to run.

Please remember that you need to get remote access to administer a server through SSH protocol. SSH provides end-to-end encryption, an ability to pass through insecure network with the help of a secure network connection. It is a safe and secured process of connecting with your server. You also need to note to log into your server as a root, you can modify system files and install applications. However, you should not take risk by typing wrong commands if you are skeptical about it. Improper commands can impair your entire server. As the Internet remains ever crowded with malicious codes, it is of utmost importance to use SSH to inhibit the access of redundant items and protect your server from imposters.

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