Steps to Access Your Linux Reseller Hosting Package

There are specific steps involved in accessing your reseller Linux hosting package. You can manage the package using the control panel by changing the password or use the IP address and the login details to do so. The reseller Linux hosting package can also be managed through the domain name.

Managing Reseller Linux Hosting Package Using cPanel

For accessing using the first method, simply log in to your CP and look for the domain name. This is done by clicking the access tab on the cPanel account to log in automatically to the WHM interface. To modify the password, repeat the same steps and click on the change password link provided in the login details. Choose the password you want to use and click on the reset password tab to complete the process.

Managing Reseller Linux Hosting Package Using IP Address

Choose this option if you want to depute the management of your reseller Linux hosting package to a web designer. Repeat the same initial steps as the earlier process by login to the cPanel. Look for the domain name and click on the link that provides admin details. You will find the IP address here. The password can be accessed from the email you had received from the hosting service on purchase of the reseller package or you can change the password in the interface that provides the admin details.

Managing Reseller Linux Hosting Package Using Domain Name

This method is strikingly similar to the able method and also recommended when giving access to a web designer. However, you should have modified the Name Server of the domain name for this process to be used successfully.

Begin by logging in the cPanel and look for the domain name. The URL of the admin details will give access to control panel interface and relevant username.

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