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Steps to whitelist an IP Address with Config Server Firewall

Have you ever experienced the blocking of your IP address by a firewall? Are you aware of the reasons for the blacklisting of your IP address? No! Then you must read this blog that attempts at illustrating reasons for blacklisting and ways of whitelisting your IP address using Config Server Firewall (CSF).

Reason for blacklisting of your IP address

There could be couple of reasons that might have caused your domain/IP address to be blacklisted. It could be due to the violation of ICAN-SPAM regulations or incursion of virus or malware. Hosting a domain or website on shared environment means that your IP address is same as the IP address associated with several other domains sharing the same server. In such a situation, blacklisting happens more frequently as one other domains on the server might have trouble with spam or malware. Most Internet service providers (ISPs) and web servers look out for lists for IP addresses linked to computers that send out spam mails or unwanted activity.

Procedure of whitelisting your IP

Blacklisting happens when volume of mails come from a single server having spam or malware characteristics. At one point of time the IP address of that particular server is flagged and blocked. The best way to whitelist IP address in your server firewall is to use ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) that allow you to manually whitelist your IP address. CSF is considered as one of the most advanced firewall owing to its numerous configuration options as compared to other firewall.

Here are the steps of whitelisting an IP address using CSF:

• First, log in to Web Host Manger (WHM).
• Second, click on plugins connecting to “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”.
• Third, after scrolling down the ConfigServer Firewall section, you will see several options for managing the IP address.
• Fourth, you will find “Quick Allow” option with a green box. You just need to type your IP address and then click on the “Quick Allow” option. You can also write a comment “Home Computer” or “Web Developer”, so as to remember the purpose of adding IP.

Finally, you have whitelisted an IP address in ConfigServe Firewall.

Whitelisting will help your IP address from getting blocked in future. To determine whether your IP address is blocked, you can simply add your IP in the search option of the Config Server Security & Firewall page and discern reason for the block.

Besides this, thepadlock icon for unlocking will also appear on the right hand side of the blocked IP address. Clicking on padlock icon will help you to lead to the process of unblocking IP in the firewall.


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