The procedure to blacklist an IP using ConfigServe Firewall (CSF)

Blacklisting is a concept that allows users to block IP address from your server. To identify whether an IP address is blacklisted, numerous domains use ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) and suspect spammers ending up by blocking mails. If a user receives large volumes of mail from a particular IP address as spam, CSF can help blacklist the address, thereby blocking all mail from it.

Before we move forward, let us understand what ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) is

Like other firewalls, it is a popular configuration script that was developed to deliver better security for server users. The highlight of CSF is that is very user friendly and has a very advanced interface for managing all related settings. It has the capability to put off all kinds of public access to services and allow select connections, such as FTP, email, and websites. It comes with an additional feature called Login Failure Daemon which tracks user activity. It helps prevent malware attacks and secures your server from cyber attacks. Further, it allows users to manually whitelist or blacklist IPs as well as real time monitoring for automatic IP blocks.

How do you know that your IP is blocked?

If your IP is blocked, it is possible that your mail is being bounced and CSF has blacklisted your domains IP address.

Let us understand the steps of blacklisting an IP

• First, log into Web Host Manager (WHM).
• Second, after logging into WHM, click on “plugins” and start using “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”.
• Third, scroll down to the ConfigServer Firewall section and you can see numerous options for managing IP address.
• Fourth, look for “Quick Deny” option in red box and type your IP address and click on “Quick Deny” knob. *Note you can write a comment “Attempted Hacker” or “Disgruntled Employee” stating the reason for what it was added.
• Finally, you have successfully blacklisted an IP Address in ConfigServe Firewall.

ConfigServe Firewall helps in keeping track of your IP addresses and notifies you whenever your IP address ends up in the black list. Blacklisting protect against brute force attacks and ensure ceaseless protection of your servers.

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