Why You May Need Additional IP Addresses & How To Get Them

A few dedicated server vendors allow you to request additional IP addresses for your server.

They have a provision to issue extra or supplementary IP addresses on a limited basis.

The restrictions are because of certain regulations.

It is important however that you must have a business justification, such as an SSL certificate to qualify for additional IP addresses.

But first, a few basics that will enable you to understand what an IP address is.

An ‘IP address’ is short for “Internet Protocol address” These are numbers assigned to your computer network interfaces so that your computers, cell phones, cameras, and sensor can communicate with each other.

In short it is an online unique identifier.

In the domain of business hosting it may be beneficial to have a dedicated IP address.

Here are a few good reasons why it is so.

It is great for your business identity.

If you are going to host an ecommerce business or an online store and do not prefer added third party services for managing payments, then a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate helps to provide you and your customers security.

But when would you need more than one IP address?

– If your business needs a large volume of messages to be sent and if these are required to be sent within a specified time frame, multiple IP addresses may help.

– In a business scenario you may need a different IP address for each mail stream to maintain the reputation of the mail-stream.

Before you order for additional IP addresses, look to your budget, because every additional IP address comes at a cost.

Additionally, consider your deliverability reputation. If due to some reason it needs improvement it may make sense to get more IP addresses.

Get in touch with your hosting vendor to know how to get additional IP addresses for your dedicated server.

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