How to Change WordPress to Live Site from Local Server?

It is possible to shift WordPress from your local server to a live website through a step-by-step process which has been briefly described below. But, before you make this transfer there are some things that need to be looked at. This guide is useful provided you already have a WordPress website which runs on your local server and you enjoy complete access to this. You must own a domain name, web hosting plans and an FTP program in order to load content on a live site.

The first step in this process is to export the local WordPress database using the phpMyAdmin for this task. You need to visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ to click on the WordPress database option and then select the Export button here. You could either select the “custom” or “quick” options here when it comes to exporting the database. The “quick” option is recommended after which you must click on “Go” for downloading the database.

The next step is to shift the files to the live site. For this, you must open the FTP client to connect to your hosting account. When you are connected you can upload the WordPress files to the live server.

Your next task is to create the MySQL database on your live site. As the FTP client uploads the files, you may start to import the databases to your live server. Most of the WordPress providers offer the cPanel for you to manage the account easily. You can then log in to its dashboard to get the MySQL icon. You have to create a database and then scroll to the MySQL Users option to create users or add users.

Following this, you must import the database to the live site. for this, you have to visit the dashboard of the cPanel, scroll down to get the databases section and then choose phpMyAdmin. Since this shows no databases you will need to click on “Import” option to get the new databases created. The “Go” button will send the database to your live server.

After this, your site URL must be altered in order to allow it to connect to your live site. You will need to go to the wp-options table page to get the option “site url” under “options name”. Clicking on the edit icon will allow you to type in the new URL. The field is then saved using the “Go” button.

When you have successfully imported the database, you must configure the WordPress. You have to log in to the admin panel to get to the “general” settings and then select the “save” option. This corrects the URL in all places where it needs correction.

It is common to have broken links or missing pictures when you shift domains. For this, you may make use of the SQL query option or the plugin Velvet Blues.

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