How to Configure WordPress for Sending Mails by SMTP?

Email is an essential function of any website. WordPress plugin for SMTP mail makes this function, a hassle free and seamless operation. If you are looking for a plugin for sending mails by SMTP, then WP Mail SMTP is the right choice for you.

WordPress sends its mails by using the PHP mail function, which is a default resource for it. Although, using PHP Mail function by itself has no issues, many users may be required to use a third-party email client such as SMTP for the function of sending mails.

In order to be able to use SMTP, you need to understand features of WP Mail SMTP plugin. The plugin is exclusively designed to reconfigure wp_mail function for using SMTP in place of default mail provided by WordPress. It is used for creating an options page to help you access several options as mentioned below:

– Ability to specify sender as well as recipient for outgoing emails

– Freedom to select SMTP or PHP mail options

– Setup a username and password

– Determine an SMTP port

– Use of SSL/ TLS encryption

Specifying the host name for SMTP server

Ability to decide whether the return path should match your emails with sending mails.
After having configured all such parameters, you are only required to press ‘Save’ button which is provided at the bottom portion of the page. This will make sure that your WordPress is properly configured with the SMTP email server.

If you install this plugin by following instructions as mentioned in the tutorial, then all you will need to do is to access a new menu that will appear as ‘Email’ under the section of Settings. This can support sending mails by using SMTP once you have configured WordPress for the same.

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