Five Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Jul 25,2021 by Manoj Yadav

The popularity of WordPress is world-known that it doesn’t need any introduction. It is now the world’s most famous CMS, powering around 22% of websites on the World Wide Web. Being the most flexible content management system, it allows users to create a website almost for free and provides them with the capability to accomplish anything that they wish to do with it. Today, there are around 40,000 plugins that are available online and can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory to add new functionalities to optimize the website performance. The best part about these plugins is their simplicity of use, as they does not require users to be IT ninjas, or to be an adept programmer, plus it slashes down the costs incurred on building a website.

Like everything has got its pros and cons, the major problem with WordPress is that the more the number of plugins, the slower your website. And, slow website is a bad idea! No user wants to stay on a website that exceeds the ideal time to load. That’s why, it is indispensably important to apply pragmatic approach, and keep all your senses open, while selecting plugins for your mission-critical websites.

In this blog, I have listed top five must have plugins for your website:

WordPress SEO by Yoast: It is one of the best plugins that effectively take care of your WordPress website so that it can rank well on leading web browsers. Not to mention, a website that is not SEO-friendly or lacks SEO optimization is almost a failed business. Yoast SEO is a compelling WordPress plugin which not only streamlines your tags across several analytics platform, but also ensures that keywords alignment is correct and at the right place. With Yoast, Facebook and Google+ descriptions can be customized within a jiffy and with the utmost ease. Most importantly, it automatically adds rel=“canonical” tag to every page and post, so that Google doesn’t penalize your mission-critical website for duplicate content.

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In short, your website gets SEO optimized, which brings more visitors to your website and increases your chances of generating better ROI over your counterparts.

WordPress Backup Plugin – Data loss is the worst nightmare that no one ever wants to witness. What, if all your data gets backed up at your slated schedule? Sounds cool. WP Backup is a must have plugin that allows you to backup all your content with utter convenience, and not to mention, it doesn’t charge you a single penny.

A few of the noteworthy features of this plugin include:

  • Easy to use
  • Provides one click restore functionality
  • Compatible with both Linux and Windows Server
  • Provides ability to handle multiple schedules

Akismet: It is an advanced plugin that enables users to prevent comment spam. Blogs having provision for comments on posts need this plugin the most. It intuitively filters out spam so that your comment logs stay clean. This plugin is simple to install and comes free of cost. By simply logging into Akismet website, you can subscribe to get a WordPress key.

WP Super Cache: This is an ultimate caching option that generates static HTML files. That makes it capable of handling heavy traffic needs and serve to your end-users’ request without slowing down the performance of your website.

Editorial Calendar: The Editorial Calendar plugin allows you to manage as well as schedule your posts in the most affluent manner. Its easy to comprehend layout makes it even easier for users to see/publish/edit/manage their posts.

A few of the noteworthy features of “Editorial Calendar” plugin includes:

  • Quickly publish and edit the posts
  • Manage blog posts from multiple authors
  • Change your posts date and see the status
  • Manage posts as well as drafts

These plugins can have great impact on your site’s performance. Please let us know what all plugins you use for your website to make it a real fast, secure, and performance-driven business.

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