How To Enhance SEO Of A WordPress Blog?

Optimization by using permalinks

One of the most important steps for improving the SEO of your WordPress blog is to leverage the ability of WordPress to set permalinks of your site as per your choice. You can access the functionality of permalinks in the admin area by going to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Permalinks’. This will open up a wide spectrum of options to use a custom structure to add a distinctive appearance to your permalinks.

Optimize every page of meta-descriptions

In order to aim for better optimization of your WordPress site, you should ideally create meta-descriptions for every page by structuring simple yet informative content. This will facilitate search engines to examine the relevance of your pages with the meta-descriptions. Needless to mention, you should stay away from adding content that has no relevance to the information on respective pages.

In order to achieve categorization of your posts, you can access the ‘Categories page’ in the admin area that provides space for adding descriptions for every category. This will enable WordPress to insert what you have entered for using the same as a meta-description.

Image optimization

Specification of ‘alt tags’ and ‘title’ for every image is an important aspect of image optimization for better SEO of your blog. This facilitates the search engine to identify the right image to be represented. In order to avoid the time-consuming task of entering individual characteristics of every image in the website, you can try installing plugins.

After the plugin is installed you can go to the WordPress admin area to find SEO-friendly images to specify Title and ALT tags to optimize your images. All you are required to do is to set the tags for TITLE and ALT and the rest of the job is done by the plugin.


Never use <h1> tag other than the main heading or title of blog posts. For the rest of the headings, it is better to use less number of <h2> tags and multiple <h3> tags to help search engines index vital information of your blog.

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