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In the present hosting environment of the business world, Linux reseller hosting has gained quite a lot of prominences and is in high demand. Offering a multitude of advantages, including flexibility, low-cost, and free add-ons, reseller hosting is attuned to the latest technologies and is supported by a huge community of Linux users, who can render assistance in critical situations. Individuals who are working towards starting their own business can opt for Linux reseller hosting, considering the fact that it’s a great way to test the water that too at an affordable price.

Does Your Business Need It?

For enterprises that are running multiple sites and lack the required technical knowledge, Linux server hosting is the best choice. Managing multiple clients and websites without delving into the technical aspects can become a child’s play with Linux reseller web hosting.

For websites running on Linux tools and applications, reseller hosting can be quite propitious. It is compatible with the present system and can immensely boost speed and functionality. Apart from this, top-notch web technologies and languages including MySQL, Python, PHP, and XML support Linux reseller hosting.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee Shared SSL for smooth processing Limitless POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP Numerous OS templates to choose from Infinite Sub-Domains
30-Day Moneyback Guarantee Compatible With osCommerce, CubeCart, Zen Cart Support For Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Support for all versions of Linux OS Limitless FTP Accounts
Round-the-clock Support User-friendly webmail interface Latest quad/hexa core CPU
Anti-spam tool - SpamAssassin

Control Is In Your Hands

Best Linux reseller hosting plans available in the domain come with an all-inclusive cPanel AKA control panel. The easy to use control panel can help you regulate hosting features, resources, services, and facilities. Following are the major features that are present in this control panel:

Full control over the operations of websites and servers.

Manage, edit, and add features and facilities from a single point.

Seamlessly navigate through detailed information on each facility, feature, and service.

Comprises of valuable information like website HTML version, Email usage, FTP accounts, parked domains, sub-domains, add-on domains, and MySQL databases.

Go4hosting – Your Linux Reseller Expert

Our hosting packages are competitively priced and performance-driven. By picking us for Linux server hosting, you can achieve unanticipated success even if you have recently ventured into the business realm. We are the hosting partner that your business needs, an ally to counter competition and reach your business goals.

We know that every business is unique and so are the requirements, which is why we immensely emphasize on personalization. Customizing your service experience, we offer Linux reseller web hosting that can fit your business needs. Tailored to perfection, made for you, our Linux reseller hosting solutions are best in class.

Why Pick Us?

Well, there are many reasons but we will be modest and put down a few of them. Here are a few reasons why your business needs us:

Expertise At Your Service

Our hosting experts will customize and devise solutions that your business can benefit from and render additional support as and when required.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance to every client, you can count on us. Our experts will assure that your business gets the best support through and through.


Since we will be setting up the technological infrastructure and will hire the resources to operate the same, you will save a lot more than you can anticipate.

Is Anything Hidden?

We believe in transparency, so we don’t hide the charges. We for sure won’t subject you to the headache of recurring and hidden changes and will do, as we promise.

Uptime Guaranteed

With our unlimited Linux reseller hosting, we can vouch for 99.99% uptime and can improve your website’s performance for sure.

Maintenance Is On Us

By picking us, you can take a break from all those maintenance schedules that are both hectic and costly. We will do it for you, as long as we collaborate.

We Are Alert

Closely monitoring the associated systems, we make sure that your data is secured from malware, bad scripts, and any attempt of pilferage.

There are many other factors that make us the best Linux reseller hosting provider; however, the ones mentioned above are sufficient to explain how efficient we are. The best part of our services is that they are competitively priced, which is why our clients get the liberty to earn better profits on the hosting services they offer to their clients.

Still not convinced to collaborate with us? You should talk to our representatives then, they will not only answer your queries but will also give you a reason to come on board with Go4Hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We saw our clients had a number of queries and needed clarifications in a number of things. Taking initiative to deliver comfort and excellence altogether, we have planned to include the FAQ section to answer all your queries in one place.

However, you can still reach out to us, if you have queries left unanswered even after going through this section. Our ‘contact help’ is listed down below in the bottom pane.

What is reseller hosting?

In reseller hosting, a customer – or more appropriately, reseller – buys hosting service from a known host like Go4hosting and sells it to his clients, thus squeezing in some profit in the process. It is a retailing model in the hosting industry. Though the end clients avail services of the original host, their point of contact for queries and help is the reseller.

How is reseller hosting different from a normal hosting?

There is not much difference between the two except that in reseller hosting you are buying to not just use but also resell server space to your clients at a higher price. When looked into more deeply, the original host may provide exclusive benefits to reseller such as added control and functionality in control panel. Some companies, like Go4hosting also have an entire team to look after reseller accounts.

Who should opt for reseller hosting service?

Anyone can opt for reseller hosting service. The only prerequisite is that the requirement of server space should be big enough to enable us to deliver reseller benefits.

For a more comprehensive understanding, the following may opt for reseller services.

  • Retailers who have the clientele to sell hosting to, but lack the infra for the same.
  • Customers who want added functionality built into their account and have enormous need of server space.
  • Web development companies or any other company in any business that needs hosting service. Such companies can combine hosting with one of their products and sell them in a single all-in-one package.

Do you only provide Linux reseller hosting?

No. we provide both Linux as well as Windows Reseller Hosting service. Our Windows service is also equally robust and favored by resellers.

Should I resell Linux or Windows hosting?

You can resell both, if you have enough customer-base to make profit. However, Linux hosting service has been slightly more in demand among customers and you will have little troubles selling Linux servers to your clients. Some customers only favor Windows hosting because it integrates with other Windows products well, and has top of the line intuitive GUI.

Why is Linux so preferred over Windows?

Linux is an open source Operating System, which means administrators can easily change/view and modify the underlying codes as per their needs. Second, since most distros of Linux come free, the OS offers cost savings to its users. Further, the presence of a big community makes it easy to get support.

Is reselling business profitable?

Yes. Reselling has been one of the most profitable businesses in the hosting industry. Almost all big hosts had once started their journey as just resellers. Given there is little investment required from your part, every reselling can add gold to your chest. Also, as digitalization is underway, hosting industry will experience even bigger boom in the coming years.

I need an admin panel with reseller hosting?

Yes, every reseller is provided with an admin panel with all the basic and advanced functionalities. Even though we keep functions the same in every admin panel, you can talk to our representative if you need a more personalized panel.

Can I monitor traffic on my server with reseller account?

Yes, we do provide that functionality as well. You can not only monitor traffic but also view which ports are used and which are free. This feature has been added to enable resellers undertake query-handling at their ends. However, our team shall also regularly monitor traffic to safekeep our network against potential threats

What minimum configuration should I buy if I want to resell?

The minimum requirements can vary from reseller to reseller and depend upon what you expect from our services. Contact our customer representatives to know with what minimum configuration you can start reseller account.

Can I do white label reselling of your hosting service?

Yes. You can white label our hosting and rebrand it with your name. However, we urge you to clearly state this at the time of opting for our service to avoid any breach of SLA.

(White label reselling means the reseller adds its name and logo to markets the product as it were its own offering and not mere reselling)

We are a web development company, can we also avail reseller benefits of Go4hosting?

Yes. Any company or individual can become our reseller. We have collaborated with some of the biggest web development companies. We understand that as web developers, server space is inevitable and so we exclusively run plans that are tailor made for such clients. Moreover, we are extremely customizable so you can pair any two products with each other.

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