Cloud Storage India – Is Cloud Storage A Safer Choice?

Jul 23,2021 by Manoj Yadav

For business owners, expanding business is always a top priority that influences their decisions. In today’s digital age, where computers are everywhere, data storage has become a challenge. But since the concept of cloud storage in India has been introduced, more businesses are using cloud storage solutions to keep their data safe. Here raises the question, is cloud storage safe?

Gone are the days when data stored in the computer’s drives. Dependency on cloud storage solutions has increased, and businesses rely on the cloud to keep confidential information secure. Everyone desires data to be accessible online, including all information. From photos, music, films, to work files are all stored on our computers. 

Online cloud storage solutions provide businesses with greater flexibility, fewer operational expenses, and a more effective and efficient way to keep data safe and secure. In addition, online cloud storage is hassle-free at the click of the mouse. Still, the same question – is online cloud storage safe? Let’s dive into this write-up to know about cloud storage and it’s safety aspects. 

Is Cloud Storage Safe? 

It’s one of those questions that come to every individual’s mind who is looking for options to keep their data safe. 

Well, it’s normal to be concerned about the security of your data when it’s placed in the cloud infrastructure. After all, your documents, business files, and other confidential information are saved on servers over which you have no control. It’s obvious to be concerned about the security of this safe online storage option.

However, the fact is that the data saved with online cloud storage is more secure than the data stored on a computer’s hard drive or any other channel. Remember that hackers might access your personal information by using malware and phishing emails. In addition, they may freeze your computer and demand a ransom before releasing the files and data it contains.

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However, the big companies offering cloud storage use more comprehensive and robust security procedures than you do to safeguard your personal computer and gadgets. Now, it’s proven that online cloud storage is the safest option, it’s time to discuss the benefits- why should businesses keep their data on cloud. But first, let us see the type of online cloud storage option to understand which is right for you. 

Types of Online Cloud Storage



In software-based backup, data is stored on off-site servers at a distance away from your computer. A software interface is required to operate your online storage account. Such software is provided by the vendor providing such a facility, with the security systems in place. Only you can access your data. 

Data is stored as per the limit allocated. Thus, web-based online backup is like storing documents on your email account, enabling large files in assorted formats. Software-based backup is preferred because of exclusive features like more storage space. You can also schedule an online backup at a fixed time every day.

Benefits of Online Cloud Storage 

There are several advantages of using online cloud storage. Some of them are enlisted below. 

  • Cloud storage is invisible and does not take up space on your home or office PC.
  • It is fully secured. The files get encrypted at the transmission stage. Incorporate business houses, access to stored data is limited. Departments can only access their data and not other departments. Only authorized personnel can modify that data.
  • Cost – is not so high since storing data is tedious, time-consuming, and monotonous.
  • With an internet line, you can access your stored data from anywhere on your PC, mobile, or tablet.
  • Syncing features allow the data to be updated simultaneously on all application devices.
  • Automation helps to eliminate cumbersome and risk-prone human processes. As a result, data is stored not only securely but also speedily.
  • Sharing is easy for individuals and professionals. For example, a single file or picture can be shared easily.
  • Cloud storage enables collaboration, where many people can work on or edit the same file.
  •  In any eventuality, data can be recovered and restored within minutes since all files have backups. 
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Now, when you are aware of the benefits of cloud storage services and the safety aspects, it’s time to discuss what factors one must consider before choosing the cloud storage service provider. 

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Service Provider for Cloud Storage in India

Are you wondering about the prime concern for storing data? Following are some factors that one should never overlook while choosing the service providers for cloud storage in India. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Safety Capabilities

Security concerns are the main reasons why businesses are hesitant to embrace the cloud. When you utilize a cloud storage service, you’re effectively entrusting your sensitive information to a third party with the idea that it would be kept safe. The majority of cloud storage firms have responded to these worries by beefing up their security and implementing new safeguards to secure their customers’ data. Make sure the cloud storage company you choose has adequate security safeguards. Anti-virus software, data encryption, firewalls, and regular security audits are examples of these.

2. Price Factor

It is of no surprise that lowering operating costs is a big reason why so many businesses have started to use the cloud. And, because there are so many cloud companies competing for your business, rates have become quite competitive. So, first, examine each provider’s price structure in detail. Then, figure out which price plan fits better for your firm once you know how a vendor charges their customers.

3. Service Level Agreement

When choosing a cloud storage provider, the service level agreement (SLA) should be a significant consideration. The SLA describes what a vendor will accomplish for your business. For example, it could include information about the type of data that will be kept, how it will save, how it will safeguard, how problems will be resolved, and several other vital details crucial to know how the cloud vendor operates. To have a solid picture of what you can expect from a potential cloud vendor, make sure you understand their SLA.

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4. Data Storage Path

Data storage in the cloud isn’t some vague, ethereal term. That information is kept in a physical location and is only sent via the internet. Know where your company’s data will be stored while looking for a cloud provider. Knowing that your cloud vendor has a plan in place to secure and save your data in the event of an emergency will help you decide which one is better.


To conclude, businesses can accelerate their performance and growth opportunities by leveraging outstanding cloud storage services of a reputed cloud host. Cloud storage services are the most secure and convenient option to store your data in the cloud, making it available from any device!

So, if you’re looking for safe online storage options, call us at +91-120-6025102 to know more about the options available. Go4hosting is the most trusted service provider for cloud storage in India, a great option to consider if you want cloud storage with outstanding speeds and robust file sharing and sync possibilities.

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