5 Reasons Why use Live Chat Software for Website

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Businesses usually used toll free phone numbers and emails for helping customers reach them. However, nowadays there has been an increasing trend among businesses to utilize live chat software for helping clients reach more easily. In fact, report says that this new and evolving medium has come up as an excellent medium for providing online customer service. There are various reasons for hosting live chat software for websites and some of the 5 most important ones are listed below –

 5 Reasons Why use Live Chat Software for Website 

Reason #1 – It is convenient for customers to reach businesses through chat

Customers don’t have to wait in the telephone queues anymore. They don’t have to wait for hours or even days to get a response from the businesses. They can get instant reply from businesses on their queries, technical support, and others. Live chat facility provides them with immediate assistance. It has been found that live chat software is especially very useful for support as well as online sales. An US survey has found out that the most popular contact source is the live online chat facility as 42 per cent of the sample preferred live online chat. In contrast, emails and social media forums are preferred by just 23 per cent and 16 per cent respectively. In fact, the customers can multitask when they use live chat facility.

Reason #2 – Potential to increase sales increase with live chat

Andersen Consulting had conducted a poll where it found out that 62 per cent respondents among the online customers prefer buying goods and services from an ecommerce website that provides them with live chat customer support facility. This phenomenon has been seen in real shops too. Customers are more likely to make purchases from those shops or departmental stores where they are able to converse with customer care representatives. Therefore, install live ecommerce chat software for your website and convert more visitors to customers. So don’t delay to leverage the benefits of live chat for ecommerce business to secure optimum result.

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No matter whether you use phone or email as customer contact facility, per interaction cost is higher than live chat facility. With live chat feature in place a customer care executive can provide service to more than one client through multiple chat windows. However, in case of emails or phone a customer care executive can service only one client at a time. A consumer trend study performed by ATG Global has found out that live chat facilities are considered helpful by 90 per cent customers.

Reason #4 – Customer loyalty increases with live chat support

Customer experience seems to increase with live chat support, more than other supports such as phone and email. Major advantage in live chat is the instant assistance facility, which enhances customer support and in turn increases customer support.

Reason #5 – Keep track of your customer

One of the main advantages of live chat is that it enables businesses in tracking website visitors. Live chat software provides businesses with deep tracking facility of the visitors such as live chat conversion rate, online traffic to the website, frequency of website visit, time spent by each customer on site, browsing history of a customer, and many more. With better customer tracking facility, users can engage with customers more effectively.  

These are the 5 reasons why businesses should use live chat software for website.

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