How to Write a Best Selling Product Description for your Ecommerce Website

Jul 28,2021 by Manoj Yadav

A product description is the charm of every eCommerce site. Without the relevant description, you cannot persuade customers into buying. A customer looking for description alludes to his interest in the product. So, writing a compelling description is as important as having a quality product. 

Here, in this blog, we will talk about how to write convincing product details.

Highlight the USPs – Ultimate Selling Proposition

Every product has its USP. Pick them out, highlight them to the readers and go in-depth in detailing the feature. The right product features are explained in detail, tell customers how the product features will help them in their daily chores. Keep your target audience in mind and write as you’re talking to them. This will help you in coming with a description that appeals to the audience.

If you don’t mention the benefits of your products, how will your customers know about it? So, in the product description, highlight the USPs and specify to whom it will suit the best.

Include the Why

You can boost sales if you address the customer pain points and write descriptions considering the WHY. Why should customer buy a product from your ecommerce web design Dubai? 

In some cases, customers are totally unaware if your product will help their lives. So, addressing the pain points will help customers better understand the product usability

Break it into Chunks

Avoid writing the product description in long paragraphs. This will hurt the readability of the description and make texts easy to read. For example, if you create separate headings for reviews, benefits, specifications and the features, readers can relate to the content more easily; this will up the chances of sales.

Also, targeting keywords in the description can get it ranked on search engines. Thus, the benefits of description are numerous.

Tell a Story

Including review section is something you should not refrain from. Let customers share their experience with your product – whether good or bad. Some negative reviews will not affect your sales but instead inflate it, as it makes your review section look more credible.

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The key to selling your product is to create an emotional connection with buyers.

 Guide Buyers

To grow your ecommerce, you need to educate buyers about the product. An easy guide will make you stand out from the crowd, as a result customers come up with a better decision of purchasing it.

It will take your time to create a comprehensive description but once you come along with it, you’ll see the results and the buyer’s engagement on the description. 

Some Questions to keep in mind while writing the description:

  • Who’s my target audience?
  • What are the unique features of my product?
  • What are the pain points that my product address?
  • Does my customer know about my product?
  • How much information is required to persuade the decision-making of the consumers?
  • Why is my product better than the existing products in the market?

One Bonus Tip: Optimize your Product Description for Scanners

Most buyers that come to your website will skim through the description and scroll over key features only.

Not every buyer will read the description word-by-word. While some may dive deep into the specs, others may only skim, considering only the key points. For example, the best selling features, prices, specifications, and reviews.

So, when you’re done with writing the description, read it like a skimmer and you’ll know if it appeals to them. Focus on the headings and the key phrases, highlight the top features and write in bullets. Include the white spaces between the content and images so buyers can easily draw their points of interest. Keep the writing style same so the page has a higher readability ratio.

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